Prayers for the Anglican Church of Kenya

A Message From Father Tom Hiter of Christ Chapel and The Lighthouse, who is also Vicar of the UECNA Missions in far Western Kentucky:

I think everyone has heard (or read) my mention of my “Linked In” associate, Fr. Martin Olando Wesonga, in Kenya. Fr. Martin is an ordained Anglican minister of the Church of Kenya, and also serves as Principal of the Bishop Harrington Institute of Theology and Development, an Anglican Seminary in Mombasa.

Graduation3Fr. Martin’s congregation is in a very poor part of Kenya, but they have great faith and an enormous willingness to work. The photos are of the recent graduation of the Harrington Institute.

Fr. Martin has asked for our prayers, and I have assured him that they will be forthcoming. Indeed, we at Christ Chapel pray for him and them every time we meet.

Graduation2I offer the photos as clear, personal, human evidence that the Church in Africa, as we have been told elsewhere, is well and growing daily.

Tom Hiter +

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